Community Development Program

The community school in Mapalo was in desperate need of repairs to their septic system that had failed. S3Z sent $1,366 to ADP for a new septic system to be installed, allowing the children to once again use the toilets in the school. Additionally, the very young students in the nursery school did not have appropriately sized toilets to use, so new toilets were purchased and installed for the young children.

The septic system being installed

Drainage ditch project

Drainage Ditches and Roadside Clean-up

In the Mapalo township, it is common for drainage ditches along the roadside to become filled with stagnant water, trash, and debris. The ditches then become blocked and unable to drain, further filling up. These drainage ditches can quickly become breeding grounds for mosquitoes that transmit malaria, along with other life-threatening waterborne diseases, such as cholera and hepatitis. S3Z funded this project by sending $1,345 to ADP to purchase boots, gloves, equipment, and tools, along with hiring men from the local community to work on this project. In addition to those workers, numerous volunteers came together to clean up and unclog the ditches and remove the debris. They also cleared the tall, thick grass and bushes from alongside the roads and ditches that were very overgrown. Advocacy and Development for the Poor (ADP) were recognized by the Mayor of Ndola, a neighboring city, for their efforts in cleaning up their community.