Meet ADP Barnabas 

Barnabas Chikoseleshi is the 23-year-old son of Peter Chikoseleshi.

He believes that education and knowledge are the most powerful means a person can possess to propel them into a successful future. For most of his life, Barnabas has been involved in serving his community alongside his father.

As the spokesperson for Advocacy and Development for the Poor (ADP), Barnabas organizes and coordinates programs, while also working alongside the volunteers during the implementation of those programs. He also performs all social media communication for ADP along with many other essential tasks. Barnabas has been instrumental in bringing awareness of the needs of his community to the attention of local and city leaders by being featured in the national newspaper and taking part in local talk show radio programs.  Barnabas is an avid soccer player and is currently attending college in Ndola, Zambia, pursuing a clinical medical degree. One of Barnabas’ sisters has sickle cell disease, which prompted him to become an advocate for other individuals suffering from the same disease. Barnabas is a born leader and is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams by mentoring and guiding them to educational paths and opportunities.


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