School Sponsorship Program

S3Z currently sponsors 125 students, ranging from primary school to college. Our goal is that all children in Mapalo, Zambia would receive 12 years of education.

Zambia's school system operates on a year-round schedule from January to December. 

Primary schools are grades 1-7 and secondary schools are grades 8-12. At the end of grade 7, students take a national exam.  If they pass that exam, they are eligible to continue on to secondary school.

In Zambia, there are community schools, government schools, and private schools. Community schools are schools that are inside townships, where high poverty rates are prevalent. Teachers in community schools are either volunteers or are paid a very small wage. Government schools are located within cities. Teachers in government schools are paid a normal salary. 


In the Mapalo community, there are currently only primary schools, where student's school fees are approximately $30 per year. Students from Mapalo attending secondary school must attend neighboring government schools, where their school fees are approximately $90 per year. ​All students are required to wear school uniforms; however, in community schools, uniforms are not strictly enforced if a student is unable to afford them.

In Zambia, the average daily income is $2 per day. This level of poverty is what causes many children to be unable to attend school. Even $30 per year for primary school can be very difficult for some children's parents or caregivers to afford, therefore, many children will not have the opportunity to attend secondary school. 

You can provide a secondary education to a student from the Mapalo community for $90 per year! Or, send any amount to the school sponsorship program, which will help struggling families and their students.  

Students' school fees are paid for the entire year in January, at the beginning of the school year.  All school sponsorship donations must be made by December 31st.